Interview on March Hanson Show

Interview on March Hanson Show

On Monday, January 7th, Margaret was interviewed by Mary Hanson for her cable TV show, "The Mary Hanson Show." Mary has the longest running independent cable TV show in the country.

With all that experience, Mary is great at what she does!  She asked Margaret questions many people have about elder law, paying for long term care, the documents everyone needs, etc. Mary was very interested to learn about the relatively new way of protecting assets by using an annuity acceptable to Medical Assistance.

The show is expected to air on Channel 6 and be released on Youtube this spring. "The Mary Hanson Show" has over 2 million cable viewers. Margaret was honoured to be a guest on the show and our hope is that the segment truly helps people in need of this information.

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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

The team at Safe Harbor Estate Law would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our clients, referral partners and partners in serving seniors & families.

Please note that our office will be closed at 1:00 PM today and reopening Monday, November 26th.

We will be making cherished memories with our friends and family, and we wish the same for all of you! 

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We are loving the new office...even though we are still waiting for desks.

We are loving our first month in our new office, even though we are still waiting for desks!  It has been rewarding to see how much our clients enjoy the new space.  We are looking forward to showing off the office at our upcoming events.

We are hosting our first monthly workshop in July - How to Avoid the Top 3 Estate Planning Mistakes. If you, your family or your friends are thinking about estate planning or have questions, this workshop is made for you. It is a great starting point!
We appreciate your loyal support and invite you to celebrate our growth at an open house in August.  On August 14th, we are having an open house devoted to our clients. On August 28th, we are having an open house devoted to Safe Harbor Estate Law's friends and family.  Save the date. We hope to see you at one of our open houses! 

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New Location!

It is with great anticipation and pleasure that we announce our move on May 31st to a more comfortable and spacious office. Our new and improved location is in Blacktern town offices at 3240 Rice Street St. Paul MN 55126, just south of I-694.  It offers convenient access, ample parking, a first floor conference room, and lots of light.  The remodeling team is transforming the office into an attractive, updated design with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Since we first opened our doors in 2013, your loyal business and support are key to our sustained growth. We look forward to welcoming you to the new space.

As of June 1st, we will no longer be at our Lexington Ave N. location. Our phone number (612) 615-9535 and email addresses remain the same.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the new location or our services. We look forward to serving you at our new address.

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Why the New Brand Name?

First, I want the firm name to better communicate both what we do to help people, and how our clients feel after we are done. We are still helping families protect what is most important to them in the storms of life. Once we are done, clients often tell us how relieved they are, how much better they are sleeping at night, and how much they appreciate having us alongside them.

Why change the name now?
I have been wanting to update the firm name for awhile, but other matters were more pressing. I am thrilled that our growing firm now has a team in place that has the skills and time to roll out the new Safe Harbor Estate Law name. 

One more happy reason is that I married John Larson on October 6, 2017! I decided to drop the last name Kyle, and return to my maiden name Barrett, which is the name I originally practiced law under starting in 1991.

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