Why the New Brand Name?

First, I want the firm name to better communicate both what we do to help people, and how our clients feel after we are done. We are still helping families protect what is most important to them in the storms of life. Once we are done, clients often tell us how relieved they are, how much better they are sleeping at night, and how much they appreciate having us alongside them.

Why change the name now?
I have been wanting to update the firm name for awhile, but other matters were more pressing. I am thrilled that our growing firm now has a team in place that has the skills and time to roll out the new Safe Harbor Estate Law name. 

One more happy reason is that I married John Larson on October 6, 2017! I decided to drop the last name Kyle, and return to my maiden name Barrett, which is the name I originally practiced law under starting in 1991.

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