Margaret's 3 main talks include: 

1. “How to Avoid the Top 3 Estate Planning Mistakes”
Target Audience: Adults, especially those approaching retirement or retired.

2.  “How to Avoid Spending All Your Assets on Care ”
Target Audience: Adults and family members impacted by chronic disease with concerns about long-term care and Medical Assistance.

3. “CYDA – Cover Your (Digital) Assets” 
Target Audience: Adults who have smart phones or use the internet for shopping, banking, storing photos, social media, etc.

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Your seminar was convenient, informative, at a good time, you talked easily, made the participants comfortable, didn’t talk over our heads, and you didn’t scare the dickens out of us.
— Skip C., Roseville MN

Are you feeling bad about putting off your estate planning? 

How would you like to face the future feeling confident that you have a complete, updated plan that provides you and your loved ones with security and minimizes expense and hassle?  You can!  Best of all, you will enjoy the process of getting there.  

In Margaret's presentation "Top 3 estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them" you will learn:

  • The top 3 estate planning mistakes most people make

  • How to avoid undermining your own plan

  • How to make sure you get the healthcare you want, even if you can’t express your wishes

  • How a $150 form can save you $5,000

  • Answers to your nagging questions


Are you stressing about how to pay for long term care?

Would you like to face the future feeling confident that your legal plan protects you and your loved ones, and minimizes hassle and expense? You can! Best of all, you can enjoy the process of getting there. 

In margaret's Presentation "How to Avoid Spending All your Assets on your Care” you will learn:

  • Strategies to protect all your assets being spend on care

  • How to pay for long term care.

  • How to ensure you get the healthcare you want, even if you can’t express your wishes.

  • Options for authorizing others to handle your finances and legal affairs.

  • Answers to your nagging questions...

Do you want to avoid hassles for your family?


Do you want to avoid hassles for your family? Make sure all your assets are protected and managed the way you want? A new law in Minnesota allows you to better protect your digital assets. That’s important because if you don’t, things could get tough for your loved ones after you lose capacity or pass on.  You can save time, hassle, money, and even heartache by getting rigged for smooth sailing in rough seas.

In Margaret's presentation "CYDA-Cover your (digital) assets" you will learn:

  • What is a digital asset? Do I have any?

  • What problems could happen if I leave things as is?

  • Can’t I just leave a list of passwords, and call it good?

  • What if I want to keep some digital information private?

  • What action steps can I get started on right away?

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Margaret’s talk was absolutely incredible.  We had the best turnout ever. She was professional, knowledgeable and captivating.  The seniors are still raving about the presentation.  We will definitely have her back again.
— Brooke J., YMCA Midway St. Paul

If your group is interested in learning the secrets behind good estate planning, it's time to call Margaret! Her talks are especially suited for those who are in retirement or considering retirement. Social workers can also benefit greatly from Margaret's talks and can even earn one hour of CEU.

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