Elder Law Answers

Let’s talk about how to be proactive when it comes to protecting your elderly loved one.

Margaret was interviewed by Mary Hanson for her cable TV show, “The Mary Hanson Show.” Mary has the longest running independent cable TV show in the country.

With all that experience, Mary is great at what she does! She asked Margaret questions many people have about elder law, paying for long term care, the documents everyone needs, etc. Mary was very interested to learn about the relatively new way of protecting assets by using an annuity acceptable to Medicaid.

Paying for nursing home expenses

Elder law involves more than just protecting your elderly loved one’s assets. Margaret is also an expert in when it comes to dealing with medical and long term care expenses.

From Medicaid, to paying for nursing home expenses and long term care, you are in good hands here.

Health care and Medicaid benefits

Healthcare expenses are inevitable, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. We are here to help sort through it all, so that you rest easy knowing you and your elderly loved ones are protected.