Safe Harbor Estate Law Annual Salt of The Earth Award


About the award:

Safe Harbor Estate Law, of Saint Paul, MN, is honored to announce that nominations are open for their annual award to honor an “unsung hero” who has lived a life dedicated to serving others in the community with compassion, integrity, consistency, humility, and faith.

The Ervin F. and Beverly A. Barrett Salt of the Earth Award is inspired by lives of the first recipients, the late Ervin F. Barrett and his wife Beverly A. Barrett.  Mr. and Mrs. Barrett’s exemplary lives demonstrate integrity, compassion and dedication to others motivated by their Christian faith.

The term “salt of the earth” famously first appeared in the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus described his followers as the “Salt of the Earth” and exhorted them to not lose flavor. “You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, expect to be thrown out and trampled by men”. Matthew 5:13 NIV. Salt was a valuable preservative at that time, and today it is still a mineral needed by all living things.

Like salt, a person described as the salt of the earth is flavorful, distinctive in taste, texture and aroma, enhancing life.  The salt of the earth refers to someone who is respected, reliable, trustworthy, caring, faithful, and honest – someone who deals with difficult or demanding situations without making unnecessary fuss.

The Salt of the Earth award includes a gift of $1000 to be donated to the charity(ies) chosen by the recipient.

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An “unsung hero” of the community who has consistently served others with compassion, integrity, humility, and consistency.


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