Margaret's 3 main talks include: 

1. “How to Avoid the Top 3 Estate Planning Mistakes”
Target Audience: Adults, especially those approaching retirement or retired.

2.  “How to Avoid Losing Your Life Savings To The Nursing Home

 Target Audience: Adults and family members concerned about paying for care, worried about having good care options, or want to protect assets.

3. “What You Need To Know About Guardianship & Conservatorship”

Target Audience: Social workers and professionals working with seniors and their families.

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Your seminar was convenient, informative, at a good time, you talked easily, made the participants comfortable, didn’t talk over our heads, and you didn’t scare the dickens out of us.
— Skip C., Roseville MN

Are you feeling bad about putting off your estate planning? 

How would you like to face the future feeling confident that you have a complete, updated plan that provides you and your loved ones with security and minimizes expense and hassle?  You can!  Best of all, you will enjoy the process of getting there.  

In Margaret's presentation "Top 3 estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them" you will learn:

  • The top 3 estate planning mistakes most people make

  • How to avoid undermining your own plan

  • How to make sure you get the healthcare you want, even if you can’t express your wishes

  • How a $150 form can save you $5,000

  • Answers to your nagging questions


Are you stressed about paying for care?

If you or a loved one need expensive long term care, it can feel like being lost in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language. We speak the language and we can help you navigate through unfamiliar terrain to benefit you and your loved ones. If you are stressed about paying for care, worried about having good care options, or want to protect assets, this talk is for you! 

In margaret's Presentation “How to Avoid Losing Your Life Savings To The Nursing Home” you will learn:

  • Answers for all your nagging questions about paying for long term care

  • Why it pays to plan ahead.

  • How you can ensure your hard earned money benefits you and your loved ones more than the government.

  • What an elder lawyer does and how we can help you.

  • The latest options to protect your assets as much as possible.

  • Why you should see an elder lawyer long before you need care—even if you have long term care insurance and an updated estate plan.

Do you want to help families in crisis who don’t have legal authority to help their loved one? 


Do you work with people in critical medical situations, who have no one appointed to handle their affairs? Come to this presentation to get your questions answered.   

In Margaret's presentation “What You Need To Know About Guardianship & Conservatorship” you will learn:

  • What a Guardian & Conservator does

  • Who needs a Guardian or Conservator

  • What to watch for and who can help

  • What if there is no money to pay legal fees?

  • What if the people with legal authority are not acting the best interests of the senior?

  • Does the court have to be involved?

  • The cost, process and timeline.

  • Answers to your nagging questions.

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Margaret’s talk was absolutely incredible.  We had the best turnout ever. She was professional, knowledgeable and captivating.  The seniors are still raving about the presentation.  We will definitely have her back again.
— Brooke J., YMCA Midway St. Paul

If your group is interested in learning the secrets behind good estate planning, it's time to call Margaret! Her talks are especially suited for those who are in retirement or considering retirement. Social workers can also benefit greatly from Margaret's talks and can even earn one hour of CEU.

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